XMRV/ME/CVS en Human “Rumor” Virussen XI

Vier dagen in jail voor de XMRV-onderzoekster Judy Mikovits.

Chronic fatigue syndrome researcher Judy Mikovits has been charged with possession of stolen property and unlawful taking of computer data, equipment, supplies or other computer related property. She also is the target of a lawsuit alleging she had wrongfully taken lab notebooks, a computer and other proprietary data from her former employer.

Controversial CFS Researcher Arrested and Jailed
by Jon Cohen [scienceinsider]

Discredited chronic fatigue researcher in California jail
Patients rally around Judy Mikovits, accused of theft and conspiracy Trine Tsouderos [Chicago Tribune]

Response to injunction in WPI theft of intellectual property case


Vorige stukken over XMRV vindt u hier

5 Responses to XMRV/ME/CVS en Human “Rumor” Virussen XI

  1. wilmamazone says:


    Compare and contrast
    Category: Antivaccination lunacy • Autism • Medicine • Quackery
    Posted on: November 23, 2011 3:00 AM, by Orac


    Given that background, it’s rather interesting (to me at least) and, I daresay, educational to compare two different scientists in trouble with the law and how anti-sciencecranks have reacted to this situation. The reason this comes up is because a scientist who rose to prominence in the cranksophere due to her highly questionable findings is now finding herself in trouble with the law. I’m referring to Judy Mikovits, a researcher who published a report two years ago linking the XMRV retrovirus to chronic fatigue syndrome. If you click on the link, you’ll note that the study, which was published in one of the highest impact journals there is, Science, was retracted. In July 2011, the editor of Science issued a statement of concern that stated:………………


    (..)posted at the anti-vaccine crank blog Age of Autism yesterday, expressing support for Mikovits, outrage at her arrest, and conspiracy mongering about its timing:

    Another curious aspect to this case is that Dr. Mikovits was supposed to speak at a panel discussion the weekend of November 19-20 on chronic fatigue syndrome/ME at Mt. Sinai Hospital where a chronic fatigue/ME center had recently been established under the guidance of Dr. Derek Enlander. It had also been rumored that Dr. Mikovits might end up collaborating with Dr. Enlander.

    Dr. Mikovits was unable to attend this conference in New York because she was in a jail cell in California. Is anybody else seeing a pattern?

    So, here we have an investigator who did sloppy science and tried to extrapolate far beyond what her findings, even if correct, would justify and whose results scientists were unable to replicate, despite trying several times. Ultimately, she was fired and charged with the crime of taking WPI lab notebooks and data.

    And she’s a hero to cranks, both in the CFS community and in the anti-vaccine underground.

  2. Tssk Ad Hominem…

  3. jetje says:

    ja Crypto, zo heb je toch helemaal gelijk gekregen ……. je hebt vanaf het begin gewaarschuwd.

    treurige zaak.

    het enige waar het wachten nu nog op is, is het onderzoek van Lipkin. ik geloof dat dat als het definitieve eindoordeel wordt gezien.

    ikzelf geloof er niet meer in. en ben blij toe, want het leek geen licht verkoudheidje, dat virus.

    ja, al die opwinding om uiteindelijk niets. verspilling van energie geweest.

  4. wilmamazone says:


    Vermoeidheidsonderzoekster gearresteerd

    De Amerikaanse chronische vermoeidheidsonderzoeker Judy Mikovits is in haar woonplaats Ventura County (Californië) gearresteerd.


    Een medewerker van het WPI heeft toegegeven materialen, waaronder twaalf tot twintig computers (met vijf jaar onderzoeksgegevens) en bloedmonsters, uit het laboratorium gehaald te hebben, op de dag van het ontslag van Mikovits. Zij had hem dat gevraagd en de benodigde sleutels daarvoor gegeven. De medewerker heeft op de luchthaven van Reno het materiaal aan Mikovits gegeven. Dit weekend leidde dit tot haar arrestatie.

  5. Judy Mikovits has lost a civil lawsuit filed by her former employer, the Whittemore Peterson Institute for Neuro-Immune Disease (WPI) in Reno, Nevada.


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