XMRV/ME/CVS en Human “Rumor” Virussen X

The entire WPI research program has been closed by the institute’s CEO, and the facility is now locked down. It’s former principle investigator, Dr. Judy Mikovits, is in active discussions concerning institutions to which she may move to continue her grant-funded research.

Onderzoekster en (on)gekroonde koningin van de CVS/ME patiënten heeft de zak gekregen. Ontslagen. Ksst, wegwezen. De officiële reden?

In a letter from Whittemore Peterson President Annette Whittemore to Mikovits, which was reviewed by Health Blog, Mikovits was terminated after refusing Whittemore’s direct request that cell lines be turned over to another scientist at the institute who wanted to do research on them.

Er is echter veel meer aan de hand.

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